Do Your Children Need a Dental Plan?

The vast majority of people are careful about their outgoing costs, and will take out some kind of insurance or financial assistance product for as many situations as they can. For example, dental insurance or dental discount plans are a regular feature of many family monthly outgoings and that is unlikely to change. After all, if you’re a fan of being able to chew, eat without pain or have a smile that lights up a room, coverage of your dental expenses is essential.

If you are on a smaller budget than is ideal, you may think that you can save some money from this outgoing expense by limiting the coverage of oral health issues to yourself and your significant other and not your children. This seems like an eminently sensible idea, given that children have baby teeth to grow out of and if one of those gets chipped then what’s the harm, it’s due to be replaced anyway. This may seem like a decent cost saving method, and it’s certainly not the worst you can try, but you do need to consider the other angle.

Let’s think of a scenario, whereby your child is outside in the back yard playing with their friends. They are running around flat out playing and chasing something, when your child trips over the garden hose that someone had left out after watering the plants in the garden. As a result of this, they smash one of their front teeth. It’s badly dented and chipped, and their gum is red as well and they’re clearly in pain. A visit to the dentist is in order, possibly to remove the tooth.

In this situation, do you think you or your child will be comforted by the fact that it’s only a baby tooth that they will be losing? Of course not! They’re going to be in pain and it’s your most basic maternal instinct to cover it. You can prevent the inevitable expense of accidents such as this with some kind of coverage, a fact that seems to escape many people. When we think about dental treatment, we think of words like root canals and wisdom teeth removal, forgetting that an entire subset of dentistry is dedicated to helping people recover from accidents and injuries.

This is not an area to skimp on. Look out for the future of the entire family, and include your children on your dental discount plan. The advantages of doing this will very quickly become apparent.

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