Reasons Behind Popularity Of Discount Card Services

The dental card services have a number of advantages over dental insurance plans. The statistics suggest that most of the people in the country get dental insurance through their job. However, it has been seen lately that most of the employers are dropping their dental insurance plans in order to cut costs.

Consequently, there are lot of people who do not have any dental insurance which means that they cannot afford to pay for extremely costly dental care when they need it. However, the dental card services offer them an alternative that is not just cheap but also comes without any annual limit that is often the case with dental insurance plans.

A dental discount plan does not cost much. It is similar to a membership plan and the cost for annual membership usually comes to around $100 per year. On the other hand, most of the families pay around $600-$700 per year for their dental insurance plans. There are a number of dentists in any discount network which means that it is unlikely that you won’t be able to find a dentist near you.

To use the discount plan, you just need to visit the dentist and before paying for the services, you have to snow your membership card. The membership card will get you a discount ranging from 10 to 60% of the original fee. The discount varies with the location, type of dental procedure and other factors. You can get the complete list of the dentists in the network by going to the website of your discount plan provider.

While it is true that the biggest attraction of discount plans is the cheap cost, the other big advantage of these plans is that there is no upper limit. You can use this card as many times as you want for any procedure.

On the other hand, dental insurance plans usually have an annual cap for individuals as well as for families. So, you can visit your favourite dentist for any dental issue you have and get a big discount for the services.

There is no extra charge or issue with a pre-existing dental issue. So, you can get a discount card and you will still get a big discount for your dental treatment for any pre-existing issue.

Lack of paperwork, affordability and wide availability of dentists are some of the other factors that have made dental card services a popular choice among people looking for a way to cut down on their dental care costs.

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