The Way Beer Affects the Teeth

Beer is known to be an all-time favorite drink by many people around the place. Even if this is the case, there are questions asked by many – is this bad for an individual’s oral health? This is related to those who want to know, is beer bad for your teeth? This has to be answered in order to make sure that drinkers are properly guided. Basically, it is known to many that there would always be side effects very much related to beer drinking. But then, there has never been a proof that it could directly affect the teeth. Should people be confident? Not really.

The Way Beer Affects the Teeth

First of all, for those who are curious, is beer bad for your teeth? There is basically an obvious answer for this. Just imagine opening a bottle cap using teeth. That alone is dangerous already. Maybe, this looks cool for most college drinkers all over the place. But then, that has always been a bad practice. No one should brag about that. Why not get a bottle opener instead. Aside from this, avoid slowly dislodging the entire teeth. This may be bad whenever there are gum tissues. All of these would just increase the chances of a gum disease to occur. Among these are Periodontal disease and as well as Gingivitis. There are always bacteria and other viruses as well. These may all happen and they are not cool. So as early as now, stop opening these bottle caps with teeth.

Aside from the aforementioned, the teeth may also be ruined because of the stains brought by the beer. This would make it appear more yellow than white. This is most likely to take place on regular drinkers. This should not be a hobby then. The darker the beer, the greater the possibility of obtaining unnecessary stains. These can be an eye sore and no one would want them. There are lots of individuals out there who are always in favor with aged fruits like grapes, cherries and blackberries. The properties are found in most fruits. They can be a source of teeth stains as well. For those who just cannot stay away from beer, they should wash their teeth the moment they drink the said liquor. This is the only way to deal with it.

The aforementioned is not the end of the effects. There are kinds of beers out there that are known for being so acidic. This is relatively high in acid. This can increase the rate of teeth erosion happening. This would occur whenever there is pH level. Seeing your dentist frequently to check your teeth and entire mouth is always a great option.

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