Why Dental Discount Plans Are Better Than Insurance

As long as you practise good financial sense, there are always savings to be made where commercial dealings are concerned. What is in question, perhaps, is the level of savings that can be made and whether you are giving up more than you are getting when you choose these deals. The whole idea of a “false economy” has gained a lot of publicity over the years, given that people always want to save some money but will, ideally, hope not to leave themselves with substandard products and services.

dental discountInsurance is one of those products you are expected to have, particularly if you are of a certain age and income bracket, and much of modern advertising of financial products is based around the idea that if you don’t have insurance, you’re a feckless layabout who spends much of their time actually setting fire to money. The question does have to be asked, given what we are learning about financial services, as to whether this is actually fair.

More and more people are coming forward to say that, for all that they put in to their insurance premiums, the cover they end up achieving is not financially prudent. After years of paying into a medical insurance plan, when they come to claim they may find out that the insurance company is arguing that they aren’t actually covered for what they think they are. While insurance can be a useful thing to have, people learn from painful experience that it may not always work for them.

Dental discount plans are different from insurance in a few key ways. Firstly, when you purchase them they immediately entitle you to discounts. There is no claim process, no contest of whether you are entitled to a discount. So, secondly, you do have to pay something at the dentist’s office. It is the difference between knowing you will have to pay less and hoping you won’t have to pay anything. But remember that even if your insurance does cover your treatment, the chances are that the payout is less than you’ve been paying in premiums all that time.

It would be simplistic to argue that dental discount plans are always going to work out better for customers than insurance, or a work-based dental plan. But for an increasing number of people, the savings that can result from a dental discount plan make more sense than anything else. And for up-front peace of mind, there is no getting around the importance of knowing where you stand – which is where discount dental plans beat insurance.

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